Brief History of the City of Woodcreek

The City of Woodcreek was incorporated in 1984. The City's election to incorporate was held the same day Wimberley held an incorporation vote. Woodcreek's incorporation passed; Wimberley's failed!

The City began as a Type-B General Law City. In 1989, the City became a Type-A General Law City, which requires a population of over 600. A Type-A General Law City is governed by a city council, which consists of five Councilmembers and the mayor. A Type-A General Law City does not have a charter; rather it operates according to state statues, which prescribe the City's powers, duties and limitations. Most of the state laws applicable to general law cities are found in the Texas Local Government Code.

The City of Woodcreek consists of approximately 696 acres of land, which includes Brookmeadow, the original 18-hole Woodcreek golf course, the homes in what was originally called Woodcreek Resort Subdivision, the Oak Orchard Enclave, and Camp Young Judaea. The City's 2010 Census Population was 1,457. There are currently 783 dwellings and a total of 1,079 lots.

City activities include monthly Council meetings. The City also conducts public hearings on rezoning, utility rate cases and the annual budget. The City enforces its 100+ ordinances. With zoning violations, the process starts with a letter to a violator and possibly ends with an appearance in Municipal Court. The Council's Architectural Control Committee reviews permits for accessory buildings, fences and expansions to oversee compliance with the building and zoning ordinances. The Planning and Zoning Commission studies zoning matters, holds public hearings and advises Council on its recommendations. The City has original jurisdiction over the water and sewer company's rates and service.

The City has a volunteer Planning and Zoning Commission, Building Code Board of Appeals, Beautification Committee, Treasurer, Public Works Director and Election Judge and Clerks. A citizens' group also developed a master plan in 1999 to guide the City for the next twenty years, entitled "2020 Vision Masterplan". This plan was reviewed and updated by another team of volunteers in 2005 and 2010. Vision 2020 Master Plan.

The City's sources of revenue are utility franchise fees, ad valorem tax, sales tax, mixed-beverage tax and building permit fees.

The City Council consists of a Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and four Councilmembers. Click HERE for the current members of the Council. The Mayor and Councilmembers are elected to two-year terms. Council meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. The agenda is posted outside City Hall at 41 Champions Circle 72 hours prior to the Council meeting and the public is encouraged to attend.

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