Ordinances, Resolutions and Proclamations


  • An Ordinance is a municipal law which may be amended or repealed by adoption of another ordinance.  Except in cases of emergency, an ordinance as passed by the City Council, will usually take effect five days after its publication in the city's official newspaper. Most ordinances become part of the Woodcreek Code of Ordinances.


  • A Resolution may be used to express City Council policy, direct administrative or legal action, or to make a public statement from Council. A motion is used by the Council to indicate approval or denial of a procedural action.


  • A Proclamation may be used to call attention to certain events or causes when such statements may positively impact the community and convey an affirmative message to Woodcreek citizens.  Citizens may bring matters warranting a Proclamation to the attention of the Mayor or City Clerk.
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